• To The Cloud & Back Again?

    With so much focus on Cloud services, we will explore how technology can optimise without restricting your business - whatever you do and however you embrace cloud, you need to know how to get the best from on premise, cloud and hybrid technologies.

  • Beating The Bad Guys - Security, Hacking & All Things Compliance

    GDPR, blockchain, cyber criminals, hacking, phishing… staying ahead of the bad guys. We will share with you the best examples of people and organisations staying one-step ahead.

  • Achieving The Fully Integrated Workplace

    Linking the IT dots together takes effort and expertise and leveraging investments already made takes skill. We will show you how to do it, why do it, and the benefits this ultimately unlocks of a fully integrated workplace.

  • Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

    Ground-breaking technology in one place. From robotics to artificial intelligence, from wearables to power optimisation - innovation in abundance.

  • The CIO Masterclass

    Highlighting the key developments in technology and leadership skills the modern CIO needs.

  • To The Cloud & Back Again?

    With so much focus on Cloud services, we will explore how technology can optimise without restricting your business - whatever you do and however you embrace cloud, you need to know how to get the best from on premise, cloud and hybrid technologies.

  • Beating The Bad Guys - Security, Hacking & All Things Compliance

    GDPR, blockchain, cyber criminals, hacking, phishing… staying ahead of the bad guys. We will share with you the best examples of people and organisations staying one-step ahead.

  • Achieving The Fully Integrated Workplace

    Linking the IT dots together takes effort and expertise and leveraging investments already made takes skill. We will show you how to do it, why do it, and the benefits this ultimately unlocks of a fully integrated workplace.

  • Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

    Ground-breaking technology in one place. From robotics to artificial intelligence, from wearables to power optimisation - innovation in abundance.

  • The CIO Masterclass

    Highlighting the key developments in technology and leadership skills the modern CIO needs.

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Have a look at our 2018 breakout sessions! Topics in previous years have included: Biomodal IT, Business & Actionable Insight, Cloud, Collaboration, Compliance & Regulation, Desktop Directions, Hyperconverged Infrastructures, Identity Lifecycle Management, Infrastructure Innovations, Mobility, Security and Systems Management.

  • The Future Defined DataCentre

    Presenter: Guy England 

    Job Title: General Manager, Lenovo Group 

    The datacentre needs to change to meet the constant demands from business for more, faster and at lower cost. As a result IT departments need to find new ways to be more agile in service provision and to change the cost model.

    By embracing new software defined technologies and the public cloud, IT departments can move away from a slow to provision and costly to manage 3-tier architecture into one that is dynamic and delivers a truly hybrid-cloud experience.  Such an environment will protect key assets on premise but allow the exploitation of the public cloud when required.

    Please attend this session to hear about how Lenovo and our strategic partnerships can help you make this transition to a future defined datacentre.




  • Next Generation Cyber Security

    Presenter: Nick Ross

    Job Title: Pre Sales Engineer, Sophos

    In a world where there is more cyber crime than any other type of crime, it is a constant battle against perpetrators who are using and evolving highly sophisticated hacking tools. The security industry needs to adapt, and that's exactly what we are doing!

    Join our breakout to learn how our next-gen security solutions prevent the use of exploits and unknown threats, as well as stopping threats such as ransomware in their tracks. Offering unparalleled control of the network, we also block previously unseen attacks at the gateway.

    Finally, we'll bring it all together and show you how Sophos is revolutionizing information protection, by coordinating endpoint, encryption and firewall technologies to isolate infected endpoints.




  • Intro to this years Optimise IT

    Presenter: Kevin Timms 

    Job Title: Chief Executive Officer, EACS 

    A very warm welcome to Optimise IT 2018!  As a CIO for 20 years, I witnessed the constant change and evolution of the IT business. I know only too well the challenges that are facing our community and the people that you support. Optimise IT has been an annual event for over15 years to showcase, understand and discuss these changes and help you explore what they can do to your business.  This year it is even better!

    We have a packed event full of technology trends, innovation and topics that a CIO or IT leader needs to know to be able be not just support their business but take it forward!  Today the IT leader has many hats – keeping the tech effective, making sure the business can operate efficiently but increasingly to make a difference to the top line not just the bottom line! We have chosen subjects and speakers for Optimise IT 2018 very carefully to ensure that you will get insights that will position your business ahead of your peers.


  • I Didn't Know That Criminals could do THAT!

    Presenter: Paul Ducklin 

    Job Title: Senior Technologist, Sophos 

    Sit back and watch a live malware demo (in perfect safety - no one will need to reformat any phones or laptops after the talk!) that shows how cybercrooks stitched together some freely downloadable tools to create zombie malware that hooks up your laptop to the Dark Web. At this point, the crooks can take over your device anonymously from anywhere in the world, "rent out" your computer to other crooks, and use it to do just about anything they like. 

  • Is GDPR the Elephant in the Room?

    Presenter: Richard Hannah 

    Job Title: Data Privacy Expert, ST2technology 

    With just two months until GDPR comes into effect in the UK, Data Privacy Expert, Richard Hannah lays out the implications of the act, an action plan as to what to do to comply in the near term and a road map to implementing changes in phases that will ensure Data privacy becomes part of your organisations standard approach. There will be an overview of GDPR Tools and guidance on what to look for in your selection of tools. 

  • The Workforce of the Future

    Presenter: Paul Robinett 

    Job Title: Founder of The Robotic Workforce 

    Discover how disruptive technology such as Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence are already changing the workforce across businesses. Paul Robinett, Founder of The Robotic Workforce discusses the “Future of Work” and we will watch a live Robotic Workforce in action. Come and find out how you can deploy a Robotic Workforce using your existing IT systems and be part of the fourth industrial revolution!

  • The Unintended Consequences of Law - and How to Sleep at Night

    Presenter: Mark Lewis 

    Job Title: Head of Commercial & Technology, BLP 

    How and why law gets in the way of technological innovation, and the story of a medieval law that shaped the consequences of distributed denials of service. Innovation and the intended consequences of regulation: why we may need to fear algorithms, but learn to love robot advisers. The absolutely intended consequences of GDPR: good and bad innovation. Legal stuff you didn’t know about the cloud, plus some legal stuff you really should know about the cloud. How and why implementing software robotics could cost more than anyone intended. Who is liable when a robot goes mad or bad?

  • A New Era of Threats: The Shift to Self-Learning, Self Defending Networks

    Presenter: James Martin 

    Job Title: Senior Cyber Security Manager, Darktrace 

    Leveraging machine learning and AI algorithms to defend against advanced, never-seen-before, cyber-threats. How new immune system technologies enable you to pre-empt emerging threats and reduce incident response time. How to achieve 100% visibility of your entire business including cloud, network and IoT environments. Why automation and autonomous response is enabling security teams to neutralize in-progress attacks, prioritise resources, and tangibly lower risk. Real-world examples of subtle, unknown threats that routinely bypass traditional controls.

  • Cyber Essentials Readiness - Making Sure You're Compliant

    Presenter: Brian Sibley 

    Job Title: Solutions Architect, EACS

    With the growing threat of cyber attack, businesses are being asked to not only protect themselves, but also prove to customers and partners that they are taking these threats seriously. In this session you'll learn the difference between Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, the areas in scope and some of the traditional and next-generation tools that can help you on your journey to compliance.




  • Multi-Cloud Management Strategy

    Presented: Wayne Fisher 

    Job Title: Presales Technical Consultant, EACS 

    Many organisations are now making use of more than one cloud service. From costs, to security, to capability, there are many areas to consider. This session will provide an overview of areas that may affect your cloud strategy and some examples of how products are evolving for the cross-cloud era.


  • Device Management in the 24/7 Enterprise

    Presenter: Hingy Lee

    Job Title: Solutions Architect, EACS

    In this session we discuss the changing end user landscape and how client devices are more varied than ever. How can we manage all of our PCs, including Apple Macs, as well as mobile phones and tablets? Learn how Microsoft tools can form the basis of an integrated client management solution.


  • Digital Transformation: What Is It?

    Presenter: Dave Adamson 

    Job Title: Head of Technology, EACS 

    It seems every organisation is undertaking a Digital Transformation initiative - but what is it, and how does it relate to your role as an IT leader? EACS' Head of Technology takes us through the layman's guide and shares some lessons learned from EACS' own technological evolution.


  • Cyber Threats & Vulnerabilities

    Presenter: Sean O'Neil

    Job Title: Cyber Security Advisor, Bedfordshire Police

    Learn about Law Enforcement Protect Advice for Businesses from Cyber Security Advisor, Sean O'Neil. Discussions around current threats; giving examples of recent cases that caused loss to businesses and individuals, how do fraudsters prepare to steal your money & the effectiveness of the banks and Police; finally 5 basic steps to reduce your vulnerability.



  • Making Email Safer for Business

    Presenter: Liam Hopwood

    Job Title: Sales Engineer, Mimecast 

    Email is under siege by sophisticated attackers using spam, malware, phishing, spear-phishing and whaling for financial gain. With over 112 billion business emails sent each and every day, email remains the most widely used communication platform.

    Join Liam Hopwood, Mimecast Security Advisor, as he discusses the following key areas: discover what your organisations weakest links are, how to educate, prevent and protect your organisation, and to to create a robust cyber strategy. 

  • Better With Mimecast Security

    Presenter: Liam Hopwood 

    Job Title: Sales Engineer, Mimecast 

    Breakout Description: More than 91% of attacks started with an email. As email is the number one business application worldwide and the first application to move to the cloud, organisation globally need to be confident that the platform they choose is secure, always on and will prove a reliable platform. Are you confident about moving your email to the cloud?

    Join Liam Hopwood, Mimecast Security Advisor, as he discusses why more than 90% of CIOs choose to add security protection to Office 365.

  • Ensuring Least Privilege – A Highly Practical Guide

    Presenter: Tim Carolan 

    Job Title: Sales Engineer, Thycotic 

    With ever present regulatory and compliance risk, plus GDPR looming on the horizon, it can be difficult to know where to begin with least privilege security strategy. During this very practical presentation, Tim will take you through a number of tools and techniques that you can implement in order to quickly cut down your excess privilege exposure and take back full control of your most precious and important privileged accounts.

    Tim Carolan has many years of experience delivering and implementing a wide range of software security solutions across a multitude of industry verticals. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and has acted in an advisory capacity to large organisations on risk, compliance and security. Tim sees a great deal of value in facilitating the progression towards every enterprise having a streamlined, centralised policy around managing privileged credentials and is excited to be working with Thycotic in the Account Management space.

  • CSR Diversity and How These Can Be Achieved in a Company

    Presenter: Nikki Cole

    Job Title: Non-Executive Director and Chairman, Canterbury Christ Church University 

    Qualified as an Electronics Engineer, Nikki initially worked as a design and development engineer in the Aerospace industry based at Rochester Airfield. In the following 30+ years Nikki built experience in working in Technology Industries, Education and the NHS. A Chartered Engineer by background Nikkihas worked with a variety of Industries including Health Service, Avionics, Defence, IT, Telecommunications, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Community Care.  Her last role was as the Chairman at a large NHS Trust.

    A successful Board Director and Change Agent with an outstanding track record of achievement in business change across diverse sectors.

    Specialist knowledge areas: Diversity/ Unconscious bias, Cyber security, IT Systems, Digital, Outsourcing, Government Regulators, Organization Behaviour/Change, Governance, Risk Management.

  • Enterprise Data as a Service

    Presenter: Brian Reagan

    Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer, Actifio

    As data becomes the "new oil" -- the most valuable commodity across every industry -- new challenges must be addressed to allow businesses to harness the power of that data, move with greater speed, and enable new business models. 

    Please join us for this presentation, where we will discuss those challenges, a revolutionary approach to overcoming those issues, and the potential for incredible business transformation resulting in: Accelerated DevOps and continuous development initiatives. Enabling Incorporation of analytics into daily business and set the stage for AI. Modernise and strengthen security, governance, and compliance through smart backups and instant recovery.





  • Want the Public Cloud Experience, but on Premise? - Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

    Presenter: Grant Friend 

    Job Title: Senior Channel SE Manager, Nutanix 

    Nutanix Enterprise Cloud delivers Simplicity, Security, Control, Flexibility and Choice all through a single pane of glass. Choice of Hypervisor, Choice of Platform, File Services, Microsegmentation, Self Service Portal, Orchestration & Cloud Lifecycle Management.  Through Nutanix Software, obtain the seamless Hybrid Cloud experience on the terms that you want.




  • Nutanix AHV with NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solutions delivering accelerated performance for Today’s virtual workspaces

    Presenter: Simon Gray 

    Job Title: Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer, Nutanix

    With Nutanix AHV Enterprise grade Hypervisor, which is licence cost free, and NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) solutions, IT teams can deliver the industry's most advanced technology for sharing the power of  NVIDIA GPUs across virtual machines (VMs) and virtual applications. Ramp up the power of your VDI environment and deliver a superior experience to every user, for every application and on any device whilst delivering the highest levels of performance, flexibility, manageability, and security.

  • Protecting your key executives’ email and business applications

    Presenter: Ben Miller 

    Job Title: SVP International, Idecsi 

    Mailboxes include very sensitive data, and are a favourite attack vector for hackers. Unfortunately, it is surprisingly easy to access a mailbox with stolen passwords or via the admin platforms, and there are no tools to tell you these attacks are underway.  Tens of Fortune 500 companies now rely on Idecsi to provide real-time detection of breaches to email and other key applications. This solution includes direct interaction with the user, where applicable, bringing your entire user base into the fight against cyber security. This significantly increases the resources available to protect your organisation, without limiting collaboration or slowing down business.


  • Smart Storage For Cloud IT

    Presenter: Max Brown 

    Job Title: Channel Technical Manager (EMEA North), Pure Storage 

    Breakout Description: Customers see the cloud as simple to use without having to worry about infrastructure woes. Customers see the cloud as having a simple pricing model that never forces you into massive capex spends every 3 or 5 years (the dreaded “tech refresh”).  If your own internal IT had these cloud-like properties, would you still consider the cloud?  If your own internal IT had better-than-cloud capabilities then would you still consider the cloud?  Listen and learn how Pure Storage can bring cloud-like simplicity, cloud-like efficiency, better-than-cloud availability, and an opex-forever model (no tech refresh ever again) to your own internal IT.  Effortless. Efficient. Evergreen. This is Pure Storage.

  • Microsoft 365: Transforming Business for the Digital Age

    Presenter: Robert-Jan Gerrits

    Job Title: Technology Strategist, Microsoft 

    Breakout Description: Thrive in a fast-changing digital world by giving your people the freedom and flexibility to be productive and work together from anywhere, while maintaining security and compliance. Discover the future of work and what you can achieve today with Microsoft365.




  • Guard your SaaS Data with NetApp Cloud Control.

    Presenter: Mike Andrews 

    Job Title: Solutions Architect, NetApp 

    Breakout Description: Is your Software-as-a Service data secure? Microsoft Office 365 guarantees the availability of your data, but not the protection of it.  As the adoption of SaaS offerings continue unabated and production data moves to the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 is the foundation of many organization’s business-critical operations on a day-to-day basis.  The ramifications of compromised Microsoft Office 365 data range from inconvenient to disastrous.  Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365 from NetApp helps guard your data from threats or accidental deletion. This session will tell you everything about how it works.”

  • Industrial IOT – Disrupt or be Disrupted

    Presenter: Danny Jennings

    Job Title: Head of IOT Solutions (EMEA), Tech Data

    Remove the complexity of an end to end IOT solution and guide your enterprise client to the achievement of transformational business outcomes, resolving challenges and issues with innovative and cutting edge technologies.

    See and discuss case studies, use cases, live projects and real outcomes using collaborative state of the art solutions. The IOT will be a key feature of 2018, so this is not to be missed!

  • Secure your business with a Managed SOC Service

    Presenter: Mark van Rooyen

    Job Title: Services Delivery Manager, Exertis

    A look at security threats of today and tomorrow, the tools and challenges in combatting these, and how a managed SOC service from EACS and Exertis can help you provide the protection you need against these threats.




  • Harness the Hybrid Cloud with NetApp

    Presenter: Ruairi McBride

    Job Title: NetApp

    NetApp is the #1 independent data management vendor with a 25-year history of helping customers to manage data.  NetApp’s vision of next-generation IT is the “NetApp Data Fabric”, deployed with products, solutions, and services across public and private clouds.  These end-points give our customers the ability to extend their data fabric of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure into private and public clouds, and the ability to seamlessly store, manage, protect, and monetize data.

  • Introducing VMware Cloud on AWS

    Presenter: Adam Bohle

    Job Title: Systems Engineer, Vmware Cloud on AWS

    An introduction on what VMware Cloud on AWS can bring to your business.







  • Hacking Yourself

    Presenter 1: Richard Buttrey - Client Director at the Moller Institute 

    Presenter 2: Cathy Butler - Director of Programmes at the Moller Institute 

    Increasingly, success or failure in business rests on major technology investment decisions.  The difficult truth is that whilst a lot of non-technologist C-Suite colleagues can speak the digital lingo of disruption-themed conferences, their understanding of the option space and future legacy consequences of decisions can be quite superficial.  This makes the CIO’s advice and insight critical.  Rather than revelling in this power, the responsible CIO brings the organisation with him/her – agile is after all something you are not something you do.  Find out from Churchill College Cambridge’s Moller Institute what this means for you and your leadership.

  • Workforce Transformations with PCaaS

    Presenter: Robert Breakspere

    Job Title: UK Client Solutions, Dell 

    When, where, even why people work is changing dramatically. The way people live their lives and do their jobs is becoming indistinguishable. They expect to get more done faster and collaborate with more people; all in a natural, seamless way. This is the new normal. It’s also the new mandatory. It’s what’s required to compete and succeed. Higher security is required, too; across all the devices, applications and services people use. With Dell Technologies, you can do more than keep up with these workforce trends. You can lead them.

  • Office 365 and the virtual desktop: a marriage made in hell. How to get to heaven?

    Presenter: Jim Moyle

    Job Title: Chief Technical Evangelist, FSLogix

    Learn how enterprises in the UK are using FSLogix Apps and FSLogix Office 365 Containers for virtual desktops (Citrix / RDSH / Horizon) to enable a high performance end user experience, including Outlook, OneDrive and many more mission critical line of business applications while driving down costs and simplifying adoption of hybrid and cloud deployments!

  • The HP office of Future – Secure devises for the next generation office

    Presenter: Grant Thomas

    Job Title: Head of Partner Development, HP inc 

    The break session provides an opportunity to share with you HP’s insights into the future IT needs of the next generation office. Taking into consideration the critical aspects of security, user needs and innovative ways to deploy, manage and maintain devises in the field.




  • Hyper Convergence & Storage

    Presenter: Jason Watson 

    Job Title: EMEA - Converged Platforms & Solutions, Dell

    Organisations face escalating demands for accessing, managing, storing and securing increasing volumes of data. Higher-performance storage capacity is therefore essential, but it must be balanced against other considerations such as compatibility with existing solutions, future costs, capabilities and competitiveness. It is also important to recognise that servers are best used for processing, not managing and safeguarding data. 


  • Every Cloud has a Citrix Lining

    Presenter: Kat Piotrowski

    Job Title: Sales Engineer, Citrix 

    Citrix Cloud: the silver lining to transitioning to the cloud. In this session Kat Piotrowski, UK&I Sales Engineer, introduces Citrix-as-a-service.



  • 2001: A (Work) Space Odyssey

    Presenter: John Moody 

    Job Title: Senior Systems Engineer, Citrix

    In 2001, Citrix re-imagined the future of work.  But did it come true?  In this session, John Moody, Senior Systems Engineer will show just how far we’ve come…



  • Terrorism and Cyber security (what are you going to do?)

    Presenter: Chris Phillips 

    Job Title: Managing Director, Ippso 

    The issue we have to face, your security won't work unless it's holistic. Creating a security culture to protect your business. It’s all about people. Top tips for securing your people asserts and reputation. 

  • Innovation at the Edge – Enhancing the user experience whilst securing the network.

    Presenter: Roland van Wijk

    Job Title: Systems Engineer – Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


  • Hybrid IT: Traditional & Cloud - Finding YOUR Right Mix

    Presenter: Jason Smith 

    Job Title: HPE Cloud & Infrastructure Solution Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise



  • What I learned from the Taliban about influencing the Board

    Presenter: Applied Influence Group

    The Applied Influence Group will discuss how lessons from high-stakes military intelligence operations can be applied to navigating a boardroom and influencing c-level stakeholders.


  • The Financial Journey of Managing Cloud

    Presenter: J.R. Storment 

    Job Title: Co-Founder, GM of EMEA at Cloudability

    The science of saving and allocating spending on AWS and Azure has undergone some major revolutions in the past year. New services, Reserved Instance options, increased flexibility, and discount programs have all created 100’s of new opportunities to optimize your usage and spending. We’ve also seen a significant uplift in operational maturity that is increasing the overall savings to be had while limiting operational risk. The most mature organizations are now using a particular set of metrics to drive their cost optimization activities as part of a repeatable feedback loop. Join Cloudability’s J.R. Storment he walks you through this changing landscape and how it impacts the decisions your team makes every day. Topics include: the basics of allocating spending for chargeback, cost avoidance and savings metrics to drive your optimization initiatives; data points and techniques for making effective rightsizing decisions; maximizing coverage and flexibility with Reserved Instances; and lessons from the front lines of some of the largest cloud spenders in the world.

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